Image Hosting For Emails

Image hosting for email campaigns is necessary to ensure your emails are delivered quickly and their content opens without any delays, ensuring you provide the best user experience when sending your email campaigns. 


EmailAcademy offers a unique, easy-to-use image hosting service for HTML emails that allows you to compress your image files for emails, host them on EmailAcademy and deliver them to your readers using one of the largest content delivery networks (CDN).


How To Host Images For HTML Emails

Hosting images for HTML email is made simple with EmailAcademy. 

  • Upload your images. You can drag and drop to the drag and drop area above, or by clicking the grey box, you can select your file from your computer. 
  • Set up the desired compression. You can change your image's resolution and quality, select the format you want to convert to, and click on convert.
  • You can either download the converted image or just copy the CDN link and insert the picture using our CDN link.


Host Images For Email Signature

You can also use our image hosting and content delivery service for the image hosting for your email signature. You may upload your signature images and insert them into your signature. This way, your email signature will load super fast all over the world. 


Compress Images For Email

EmailAcademy's image hosting service allows you the compress your images to reduce their overall size. The largest your image file size is, the slower your emails will load. 

When uploading your images to EmailAcademy, you will have the options to:

  • Change the image size. You can simply enter how many pixels tall or wide you want your compressed image. By default, the proportion will not change.
  • Reduce the file quality to reduce its file size.
  • Select the file format you want to save your image.  You can change the file format to PNG, JPEG, GIF os WEBP.


CDN For Email Images

We use Cloudflare's CDN to deliver your email images at the highest speed possible to your readers. Cloudflare's network has more than 200 data centers worldwide in more than 100 countries. Your images will be loaded from the nearest data center saving critical seconds when loading your images.


Free Image Hosting

Create an account on EmailAcademy, and start using the email image hosting service for free. As an EmailAcademy Member, you can convert 30 images every month and store up to 30 MB of images free of charge. 


Do you need more? Upgrade to a PRO account for a $19 one-time fee, and life you will be able to convert up to 300 images every month and use 300 MB storage.