How to check if an email address is valid or not?

Using EmailAcademy’s email verification system, you can tell whether an email address exists (valid) or not (invalid). It is critical to send emails only to valid contacts because having a high email bounce rate can permanently damage your email sending reputation. In extreme circumstances, your email marketing account can be suspended.

EmailAcademy is partnered with MillionVerifier to provide you with the best possible email verification service.  


How to use email verification service

On EmailAcademy, you have four different ways to check an email address. 

  • Email Checker to verify a single email address if it is valid.
  • Email List Verification Tool to copy and paste several email addresses and verify them in a bulk batch. 
  • Bulk Email Verifier to upload a file containing your contacts and verify them in bulk.
  • Real-Time Email Verification to integrate with our API to verify emails as they subscribe/sign-up on your site.


Email checker – verify a single email

To check a single email address, please enter the email in the email field and click on “Verify email address.” It is going to take, on average less than 1 second to verify an email address. 

The result will be displayed under the field.

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Email list verification tool – copy & paste your email lists

To verify an email list, you can copy and paste your emails into EmailAcademy’s email list verify tool. When you paste an email list, the verification process is the same as uploading a CSV file. Email list verification makes it simpler to enter a large number of emails into our bulk email validator. 


Bulk email verifier – upload your contacts in a file

You can upload your contacts in a TXT, CSV, or XLSX file for bulk email verification. Your file may contain additional data in separate columns. Bulk email checking may take some time, but we can verify up to 4 Million emails per user per day. 

To upload your file, use our bulk email verifier and drag & drop your file in the grey area or click and select your file containing your contacts. When you start bulk email validation, we start processing your file, and the results will be available on the same page. 

bulk email verification

A bulk email checker is the most effective way to check old email lists and check emails in bulk before adding them to your email marketing tool.


Real-time email verification – integrate with our API

While the bulk email verification tool is the best to verify email in large quantities, email verification API is best to verify email in real-time. You can connect your website/application with our service to check emails on the spot. 

Real-time email verification API documentation:

Email verification tool results

No matter which email verification method you use, we will provide you with the same results. EmailAcademy’s email verification results are:

  • Good emails are valid emails. 
  • Bad emails are invalid or disposable emails.
  • Risky emails are unknown or catch-all emails. 


Low-cost email verifier

Email verification prices:

  • Free email verification: simply create an account, and you may verify 100 emails for free every month. 
  • EmailAcademy Pro is available for a $19 one-time payment & and you can verify 1,500 emails per month.
  • EmailAcademy Master users can customize their plan and select the right monthly plan according to their needs.

With all three plans, you will also get access to other tools on EmailAcademy.


Email verification quality guaranteed 

We are partnered with MillionVerifier, the highest-accuracy email verifier with excellent reviews, to provide you with the most accurate email verification results. MillionVerifier is well known for its outstanding higher than 99% accuracy; hence you can rely on our results. 

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