What is a blacklist monitor?

You can use our blacklist monitoring service to automatically monitor your IPs and domains if they appear on any blacklists. We will check your IP against 50+ blacklists regularly and notify you if your IP gets listed or unlisted on an email blacklist.


Who can use the blacklist monitoring software?

Blacklist monitoring is available for EmailAcademy Pro and Master users.

  • Email Academy Pro users can add 5 IPs or domains to the monitoring tool. You can become a Pro for life, and it only costs a $19 one-off payment. Become a Pro now.
  • Email Academy Master users can add 50-10,000 IPs or domains to the monitor. You can become a Master of Email Academy starting at just $47/month. Become a Master now.


How to use the email blacklist monitoring service?

Enter your domain name or IP address you are sending emails from and hit Enter / Return.

  • As a Pro, you can enter up to 5 IPs that we will check once every day.
  • As a Master, you can enter 50+ IPs, and we will check them once every 2 hours.

 Email Blacklist Monitoring Service

Get notified if anything changes

If your IP gets listed on a blacklist, we will send you notifications via:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Webhook

You can also follow any changes in your account and you can download a report. 

Blacklist Monitor Report - Email Academy