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Table of contents Not Accepting New Accounts

Users in Doubt

Alternative Solutions 

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Is Closing Down? – Users in Doubt

The email verification market has become saturated with too many players over the years. Due to an increasing market struggle, several email verification services closed in 2021. Is the next one in the row?

Is Closing Down? – Users in Doubt Not Accepting New Accounts

As you can read on DeBounce, “currently, we are not accepting new customers … Please do not open support tickets regarding this matter.”

  • DeBounce has suddenly stopped accepting new accounts.
  • No information is provided on their help pages. 
  • Not responding to support queries regarding registration.
  • We have sent them an inquiry if they are closing down. They did not respond until this article was posted.


Users in Doubt

We saw desperate messages from DeBounce email verification users last week. 

  • One sent a message, “by the way; we want to start using this ASAP because our current provider is shutting down,”
  • Another major DeBounce customer said on a meeting: “We used to use DeBocune but need to find an alternative ASAP.”

On DeBounce’s website, it seems you can still purchase email verification credits. However, based on their recent, unexplained sudden change to stop registrations; their users are desperately looking for a new verifier; DeBounce’s lack of communication, it seems it may not be guaranteed that DeBounce will continue offering its services.


Alternative Solutions 

DeBounce was one of the very few to offer automated email list cleaning services; hence it makes sense to give MillionVerifier or NeverBoucne a try. You can read more about automated email verification comparisons.

Compare email list cleaning

If you are searching for bulk email verification or email verifier API, MillionVerifier is still one of the best solutions for you. They offer a full email verification service with very competitive pricing. You can also find solutions on Accuwebhosting’s comparison page


As news emerge, we are going to keep this article updated.


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